Who runs this place?

Lord Dust. Gamer. Rock Star. Misanthrope. Geek. Freak. Degenerate. Former Radio DJ, would-be voice talent and game designer, and IT roustabout.

What's this site about?

Mostly tabletop gaming, with occasional forays into rock 'n' roll, how obnoxious humans can be, and other things that distract me from my self-induced lotus-eater reverie.

Why should I care?

Because I have an offbeat perspective and a capricious nature. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper said it best- "just when you thought you had all the answers, I change the questions!"

I've gotten credit in two rulebooks so far, and I am looking to branch out with supplements for Kings of War, a fan revision of Dwarf Wars, and if all of that goes well, perhaps I will write my own game and that will earn a charity some money or something.

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My game helpers:

Kings of War:

Kings of War Unit Cards
Kings of War Free Magic Item Cards

Abyssal Dwarfs New Player's Guide
Orcs New Player's Guide
Undead New Player's Guide


Malifaux Find a Game/Opponent Listing


Enhanced Alkemy Reference Sheet (I cannot find the original author- if you recognize the style, please point me to the original author so I can give proper credit).

Alkemy Skill Sheet

Song of Blades and Heroes:

Coming soon...

Tools and Player Aids:

Alkemy Architekt
EasyArmy KoW


Mantic Games
Reaper Miniatures
Small Box Games
Studio 38
Wyrd Miniatures


Miniature Market
Scale Creep Miniatures
Shogun Miniatures
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